Airush Varial X – 2012

Varial X is an fusion of Airush’s two best kites, a combination of the Vapor X and the Varial. Varial X is a C-kite while the Varial is a 4 line SLE kite. By the fusion of the two kites, Varial X ended up as a SL-C kite. A kite with the direct steering of the Vapor X, yet with the stability, predictability and easy handling which the Varial is known for.

Varial X is a kite in a class all by itself. It comes with great depower performances as in a 4-line kite, but with the features from a C-kite. Varial X is the ultimate weapon for any rider no matter his level. By far this is Airush’s best kite ever!

What is SL-C?
The SL-C concept is a new type of kite for riders who don’t want to be limited to a certain style. C-kites are used by advanced riders, kites that are known for fast turning and direct steering, but with less depower and harder to water relaunch. SLE (Supported Leading Edge) kites also known as bowkites don’t have the same direct feel as C-kites and they tend to turn slower in the shape of an arc instead of turning around a pivot. But SLE kites are very stable in the sky, are super easy to water relaunch and they can be fully depowered. In short SL-C is a kite with performances both from the C-kite and the SLE-kite, a mix that suits most riders.

VARIAL X comes in sizes: 6, 8, 9, 10, 12

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