Airush Varial X 2012 review

Reviews are often quite useless since the writers are the manufacturers themself, someone who hasn’t tried many other kites and therefor can’t give a fair comparison, writers who sell the kite in their shop or people who have been payed for writing an overall positive review. So in order to give you a really honest and good review I gathered statements from all kind of riders who have tried the Airush Varial X from 2012. First let’s hear what Airush has to say…

An absolute fusion of two of our best selling models, the Varial X combines the direct C-kite feel of the Vapor X with the predictability, depower, and 4-line ease of the Varial. Weighing heavily on the acclaimed Vapor X kite, the Varial X is a true stand-alone kite in a class all by itself, offering massive depower and C-kite performance in a 4-line kite. Dedicated to riders who don’t want to be limited to a certain style of riding, the SL-C concept allows the rider to choose the style and discipline of riding as they see fit with a kite that offers limitless possibilities to each and every session.

Sounds familiar? Nowadays when I read a review it’s like a deja vu. The kite is question is always powerful, fast, easy to handle, stable, with loads of pop and good upwind abilities (like this is something a kite can affect). And the kite is of course suitable for all kind of riders, freestyler’s, pro’s, beginners…

What I come up with after my little research is some miscellany words about the Airush Varial X from random people. Here is what they say:

My weight is about 60kg. The Airush Varial X 10m is by far on of the best kites I ever tried. The high aspect ratio make the kite move into the wind much further than the Lithium 10m I have and I was powered up in 12 knots with a big board. Great hang time and turns with speed. Easy to make kite loops with and I had power during transitions. It was hard to self launch though due to the high aspect ratio.

Another guy says:
Tried some different kites last weekend and would like to share my thought. I tried a 2012 Kahoona, a Varial X 10m and one Lithium. The Varial X was with no doubts the best of them.
Got to try some new gear over the weekend so thought I should share.

First session was in about 25 knots. The kite was fully powered, awesome session!

Second session was in lighter winds, around 15-18 knots. I could go upwind but the kite was really in its lower wind range. Still I was impressed since I normally would have taken my 13m Ozone in such wind conditions. If had a bigger board or if I wasn’t carrying 10 kilos of extra weight in form a big fucking beer belly, then I would have worked just fine.

Third session, around 20 knots. Again full speed ahead, lots of power 🙂

Positive thing about the Varial X:

  • Huge jumps! I tried many other “jumpers” in the past but this Varial X takes the price! The hangtime is “endless” (it feels at least as). You get pulled out of the water and keep gliding until you land smooth and softly.
  • Smooth! The Varial X handles gusts in a smooth way, power delivery is smooth, turning is smooth. The kite is soft like silk, like you’re flying it among pink cloudes.
  • Turning speed. Turnings are fast, not as fast as my 9m Octane, but close to. I had the kite on its fastest setting though.
  • Windrange is good. The bottom end was impressive and the kite also acted solid and stable in its upper wind range without getting squeezed or having its canopy fluttering.
  • The bar is top notch! The quick release is easy to activate and easy to reassemble. The bar can be extended in the ends, so you can actually use one bar for a whole kite setup. Besides, the kite comes with 3 meter extension lines.
  • Quality. I didn’t go over the kite in detail, but I had a quick glance and it seemed solid and durable. Reinforcements in the right places.Negative things:
    I tried to find some bad things with the Varial X, but honestly I couldn’t find any. The bridle is a bit to long for my taste, but that’s all.
  • Didn’t really evaluate its unhooked performances. I did a few half-baked unhooked raileys and it seemed good.

    Kite World says:
    Great boost and hang time. Better overall handling and unhooked performances compared to its predecessor. The Varial can handle a lot of wind, but it has to be pumped super hard. Kites that are swept back but with big wing tips always have to be pumped hard to maintain its stability and prevent and distortion of the shape during extreme loads, such as kite loops and big jumps.

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