Airush Team 2012

Airush is pleased to welcome three new members to the Airush team 2012. Among them are Bruna Kajiya – Woman’s World Champion 2009 and 3 x Triple S winner, Wave Kingpin and Ian Glaza from Brazil. John Perry from the USA and the 15 year old guy Oswald Smith – South Africa Tour Champion.






For 2012 Airush will continue to keep a strong position on the market within Freestyle, Wave and Race. An excellent team setup in combination with great products will ensure this.


Alex Pastor, the PKRA winner in New Caledonia and 2nd placed in the World Champion, just after Youri Zoon. Alex Pastors comments on the coming year with Airush;

“I am extremely stoked to be on the Airush team for another year! I really connected with the brand because they make sure we always have the most cutting edge equipment and that benefits us significantly. The entire team is constantly focused on where we can improve, from the riders to the designers.”

Bruna Kajiya will do everything she can to regain the PKRA title this year. Fortunately Airush’s new products will come to great use for her aggressive and powerful riding, so Bruna is well prepared for the competitions. Bruna will also focus on raising the “woman’s bar” during events such as Real Triple S and Hood River Ro-Sham-Throw-Down.

“I’m very exited to join the Airush team, nothing is more important for a rider than to be on the best gear possible and have a team that’s always working to help with the rider’s performance. I’m looking forward to this coming season, I believe great things will come out of this new combination!”

Dutchman Bas Koole is the name of another team rider that brings his explosive riding and positive charisma to Airush for the second year. Koole is focusing on developing the Freeride elements for Pro Riding. Koole did a great photo and video coverage during 2011 which is a proof on his enthusiasm.




Bear KarryBear Karry from USA, Ian Glaza from Brazil and Ozzie Smith from South Africa make up a creative and innovative wave team. This team is ready for great international showdown with a progressive riding style.

Brand Manager and designer Clinton Filen is passionated about his wave team for 2012.
“California, Brazil and South Africa are so different, which reflects the different styles of our team and their equipment. Being a rider driven and product-focused company requires a unique approach towards the team, riders are closely involved with development of many key products and are not simply the image of the brand. Ultimately this really helps to ensure that the products are versatile and work for our customers in different countries.”


The flagships in the Race Team is Rolf van der Vlugt and Mark Pattison. Van der Vlugt has already designed the Monarco Race board and is now supporting Pattison with the development of Race products. Pattison’s experience from racing combined with engineering skills is a of great value when it comes to develop cutting edge products!

katja-roseKatja Rose (2011 World Champion) and Oswald Smith (Africa Racing Champion) constitutes the test team. Together they meet the designers in Cape Town, South Africa to be able to give direct feedback to the developers that design the boards and kites. Katja Rose is really excited about the team – “Everything we learnt about the 2011 racing season we put in the development of the VXR and the new Monaro. So the equipment is ready, Airush is ready and I am more than ready to get more victories in 2012!”

Marketing and Team Manager, Marc Schmid also expresses his excitement for the 2012 Airush Team.

“This year is a milestone for Airush. For 2012, I feel we have one of the most complete teams in the industry.  Bruna, JP, Ian and Ozzie will not only bring more of a family cohesiveness to the Airush team but also help a lot on product development working with our board designer, Clinton Filen and kite designer, Mark Pattison. We definitely feel our equipment gets better and better every year with the help from our team and this year is no exception.”

International Airush Team

The International Team consists of top professional riders representing different countries all over the world. Some new names for 2012 are:

Ines Correia –Portugal- 2011 KSP Wave World Champion

Asia Litwin – Poland – Womens Freestyle PKRA World Tour
Andrey Salnik – Ukraine– 2011 Russia Vice Freestyle Champion + 4x Ukraine Freestyle Champion
Vincenzo Bigione –Italy- Airush International Brand Representative
Simon Witchermann – Australia – 2011 Australian Nationals
Jo Ciastula – Spain – Airush International Brand Representative

Damo Gough –Australia- Airush International Racer
Mark Foraster –Spain- Airush International Racer
Augusto Garcia – Spain – Airush International Racer

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