Airush Smart Bar II

airush_smart_bar_2Airush has launched a new bar this year, the Smart Bar II and this bar really deserves its name. This article describes all the features that comes with this bar.

The most startling part detail of the bar is probably the so called BRAIN Quick Release System. Airush has taken seriously on safety and redesigned their previous safety system in many ways. The new safety system component is simple, reliable and easy to use. Through careful analysis of all available systems on the market today, the Airush design team has created the safest, most compact and user friendly release available.



The image to the left points out the different parts of the safety components.

1. Ergonomic sliding collar that is easy to grab and slide up. Features elastic recoil making resetting on the water easy as 1,2,3,

2. Below the bar swivel that is easy to twist. Its auto oriented shape makes hooking back in a snap.

3. Anti tangle center safety line running through the QR allows you to spin the bar without spinning your leash. Also adds a new “suicide with safety” option for unhooked riding.

4. Finger friendly and easy to reset stainless pin, keeping you safe and secure.

5. Easily interchangeable loop size enables you to customize your QR to any preference.

6. Removable and swivelable molded locking tube. Easy to remove or move out of the way for unhooked riding.

7. Stainless safety line guide keeps the safety line accessible and easy to clip in and out of.


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