Airush One 2012

Airush One (2012)

The Airush One is a revolutionary breakthrough in kitesurfing because by far it represents the premium hybrid-delta design for 2011. It incorporates a single strut design that brings excellent stability, incredible light wind performance, outstanding ease-of-use and security in a kite that is amazingly trouble-free and enjoyable. Quick and easy to fix with only one strut, getting rid the need for a one-pump system. The One also brags a short and simple V1 bridle and brush of the leading edge, making it almost impossible to trouble your bridle on the wing-tip when things don’t fall into places.

Sizes: 15, 12, 9 and 6m
Suited Styles

• Wave
• Wakestyle
• Freeride
• Light Wind

Overall rating

9.4 in Performance

9.0 in Build Quality

9.5 in Control Bar

9.5 in Depower

10.0 in Relaunch

Furthermore, it enables for a complete flag-out safety system allowing maneuvering the kite when it is totally powerless. With a weight cutback of 25-30% matched to a kite of same size, its precision creates the feel and shifting speed of a small kite, but with muscle and control of a bigger kite. 3 wing-tip modifications set for high, medium and low bar pressure to meet your surfing standard. The One is a kite that both amateurs and experienced surfers can benefit from, for it is not only steady and predictable, but enjoyable and fun as well.
The One has the same canopy outline as the popular Airush DNA that we have started to use in the school for 2011 / 2012. Ultra stable, smooth power delivery, fast turning, monstrous wind range but with even easier water re-launch and more power than the DNA! This kite has in turn become a favorite amongst kitesurfing students and instructors. The kite is a top choice as per constant kite reviews.

The Airush One boasts simplicity and performance in the only single-strut design on the market. The lightweight structure of the One allows for quick turning, ultimate stability, and awesome low end power. Reducing struts not only cuts the weight significantly but also makes the One a super compact kite. This “plug and play” design of the range makes for an awesome package
It was very refreshing to be able to ride such a maneuverable kite in such light conditions. As it moves so well, you can really send and redirect the kite to jump; you have so much freedom and can be really precise with your handling. The kite creates lift through good forward flight rather than just having a big canopy somewhere over your head and then sheeting in for boost. So, the bottom end is incredible, but you can’t have everything. Although there is almost 100% depower on the throw, the top end of the One is reached a little earlier than perhaps you’re used to with your 12 metre hybrid kite. Possibly because of the forces going through the frame of the kite get too much combined with the lack of support in the canopy from any struts? We’re not sure, but what we do know is that in 12 – 16 knots the One is just beautiful. When you unhook the kite drops back slightly in the window and gives you oodles of power for your tricks. As the wind creeps up to 18 knots, unhooking gets full-on as there’s a lot of power in this kite and, as the needle progresses much beyond 20 knots, you’re going to be boosting to the moon, but might have to change down before some other 12 meters.
It is remarkably pleasant to still be pulling out new kites out of their sacks and seeing such variety. This kite is one of those kites that strikes and tells us that there is still more room for enhancement and development left in kitesurfing. Surprisingly, who would have thought that we would be progressing backwards to an old school kite which has one strut, BUT with extreme stability, strong and smooth power deliverance and monstrous wind range? Above all that, the supreme stand out attribute on this kite is mainly focused on its handling and speed. For a twelve meter, it made every experience in kitesurfing worthwhile. If you love hang-time and you seem to be searching for a light wind kite with very easy water re-launch, this new kite model from Airush can make a difference. The One kite has a strong reputation and rapidly become the favorite amongst our instructors and students. Settling with this is a great choice.


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